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We have perfected the process of CO2 CBD extraction, and have created this CBD oil with 0 THC as the product of our success. Each batch is created with the same care and precision so that we can confidently present a THC-free CBD oil product every time.

Our CBD oil with 0 THC is made from vegan, all-natural ingredients. We believe all-natural is best, and that’s exactly what we offer. We care about transparency and integrity, and offer this in all our products.

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About fourfivecbd’s CBD Oil With 0 THC

This zero THC CBD oil is unique thanks to it’s great features, its spray presentation, and most importantly, the care we put into making it pure and safe for our professional clients.

We know how important it is for athletes to know what they’re putting in their system. Our CBD oil with 0 THC is safe to take and will not put you in danger of failing a drug test. We have sent these products to undergo a second batch of tests with the Banned Substance Contol Group, in order to provide you with the highest possible assurance and best zero THC CBD oil. Check out our lab test reports for yourself!


  • Complete with 1000mg of Pure CBD
  • Made With 100% Natural
  • Comes in an Easy-to-Use Spray Bottle
  • It is Herbicide and Pesticide Free
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Always 3rd Party Lab-Tested

How To Use fourfivecbd’s CBD Oil With 0 THC

Dosing is quite simple thanks to its spray applicator. You can measure your doses by sprays – here’s our dosing chart:

Sprays:1 spray | 0.12ml2 sprays | 0.25ml3 sprays | 0.37ml
Dosage:4.1mg of CBD8.3mg of CBD12.4mg of CBD

Just spray 1 – 3 times directly into your mouth, and then chase it down with water or a flavoured drink of your choice after 10 minutes.

However, we would like to remind you not to exceed a 20mg dosage in a day. Your safety is always our priority.


  • Broad Spectrum Cannabis Extract
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil

Download Lab Report

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Natural, Orange


Lower (500mg), Medium (1000mg), Higher (2000mg)

5 reviews for 0% THC CBD Oil

  1. Jes19

    After trying both the capsules and the oil, it is hard to decide which one I prefer, if you want an instant hit and to feel calm, focused and less anxious then I can definitely recommend CBD products without a doubt. With the capsules taking longer to come into effect I would suggest using the oil for those who can’t wait.

    Don’t just take my word for it, try and see for yourself.

  2. Jack Barry

    Find the 0% THC very reassuring as I’m tested in the office. Was looking for a CBD product but was always cautious as I didn’t want to take risks with my work. Really experiencing the benefits of CBD now without the stress of failing a drugs test.

    The CBD helps me recover from training as well as rest more meaningfully at night because I’m calmer and have a clearer head when going to sleep. Highly recommend this for anyone wanting to use CBD but is tested.

  3. Lee Gibbs

    This CBD oil is simply life changing. I had a life threatening series of blood clots to my brain and lungs just over a year ago. I was put onto blood thinning drugs and high strength antidepressants to aid my heart rate and repair rather than for anxiety etc. I’m still on the blood thinners but ditched the antidepressants in favour of this very CBD oil. After just three days I felt more focused, more energetic and felt less pain than I had for over a year. It has literally changed my life for the better. To be off unnatural, high strength mind and body numbing pharmaceutical drugs is a weight off my shoulders with respect to my career and everyday life. I was a sceptic before trying it and I simply cannot recommend it enough. I’ve introduced three colleagues with long term conditions who have all recently ordered this. Great research team and an excellent product

  4. Tyler

    Great stuff guys – love what you’re doing for the athlete community

  5. Simon Schmid


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