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Benefits of CBD Oil Muscle Rub

Why our CBD Topicals?

Looking for a CBD balm that can help soothe your skin and ease sore muscles and joints? Look no further than FourFive CBD Muscle Rub! This powerful balm contains CBD, menthol, essential oils, and vitamin E to help you feel your best.

FourFive CBD muscle rub is perfect for use by athletes after a tough workout. The menthol creates a cooling sensation that helps to soothe tired muscles, and because it’s easily absorbed into the skin, you’ll be able to get relief from soreness and stiffness quickly.

Our CBD Topicals

What are CBD topicals?

CBD topicals are creams, lotions, and balms that have been infused with CBD oil. They are applied directly to the skin, and allow for CBD to be absorbed into the body through the pores and hair follicles. 

Our CBD muscle rub is made with only the highest quality, natural ingredients.

Discover our CBD Topicals for sale

Our unique CBD muscle rub absorbs quickly into the skin. The big advantage of using our high quality CBD topicals is that you can apply it exactly where it’s needed most, and it will go on working for hours after. 

Thanks to the addition of cooling menthol, it’s ideal for use post-workout. Our CBD muscle rub also contains essential oils to help you relax and unwind, as well as nourishing vitamin E to soothe and repair your skin.  

Don’t settle for ordinary muscle rubs when you can have the power of FourFive!

CBD topicals FAQ

These are some of the questions we receive most often about our CBD muscle rub:

Is CBD effective topically

While exactly how CBD works when applied to the skin is still being researched, we think the many thousands of positive reviews for CBD topicals you can find online speak for themselves! Not only that, we’ve had great success with ourselves, as have our customers. 

Can CBD be absorbed through the skin?

Yes, CBD can be absorbed through the skin. Unlike oral forms of CBD, it doesn’t enter the bloodstream, but rather connects with your body’s cannabinoid receptors through your pores.  

What are CBD topicals for?

CBD topicals are great for localised use in areas such as muscles and joints. 

Can I rub CBD oil on my skin for pain?

While CBD oil can be applied directly to the skin, it’s usually easier and more convenient to use a cream, balm or lotion – especially for larger areas. 

Can topical CBD show on a drug test?

No, topical CBD products will not show up on a drug test. All fourfive products have been rigorously tested by BSCG, and certified banned-substance free. 

Where can I buy topical CBD?

You can buy topical CBD through our online shop, and have it delivered right to your door. You’ll also find our topical CBD for sale as part of our convenient Active Recovery CBD bundle, specially designed for those who enjoy an active lifestyle

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