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Like many people, George and Dom got their first introduction to cannabis oil in the form of cannabis oil tinctures. These popular products have a lot of advantages for people with active lifestyles: they’re easy to use, they work fast, and they make it simple to calculate your dosage. So it’s no wonder that when people think of cannabis oil, the first thing they usually think of is a cannabis oil tincture.

Fitness-focused people have used tinctures for thousands of years to help them rest, recover, and rise. Today, tinctures made from cannabis oil are putting a modern twist on these time-honoured remedies. They’re known by many names—like cannabis oil, hemp oil extract, or CBD hemp oil. But no matter what you call it, cannabis oil could be the supplement you’ve been looking for to give you an edge on the pitch, in the gym, or wherever else you need to perform your best. Here at fourfivecbd we have some of the best cannabis oil for sale online with free delivery nationwide.

Cannabis Oil Composition & Types

A good cannabis oil tincture is a simple one. You can think of them the same way you think of the foods you eat when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle: the fewer ingredients, the better.

In fact, the only two things you really need in a cannabis oil tincture are:

  • Carrier Oils. These help your body absorb cannabis more effectively. To understand why, you’ll need to know a little chemistry (but don’t panic, it’s actually quite intuitive). cannabis molecules are quite large, so they’re ‘too big to fit through the door’ of your body’s cells, so to speak. A carrier oil, however, dissolves cannabis molecules so your body can process them easily. This is because carrier oils contain fat—more on this later—and cannabis molecules are fat soluble. Basically, you can think of a carrier oil as a supercharger for your cannabis.
  • Cannabis Oil. This one is self-explanatory. Of course a cannabis oil tincture is going to contain cannabis oil.

Different types of cannabis oil have different types of compounds. Here are some of the most important:

  • Cannabinoids – These are the most important compounds in the hemp plant, since they’re responsible for its most beneficial effects. Scientists have discovered over 110 cannabinoids in the plant, of which CBD is the second-most common. The only one ahead of it is THC (which is the cannabinoid that produces a high). However, the vast majority of cannabinoids—like CBD—are not intoxicating.
  • Terpenes – These are found not only in the hemp plant, but just about every other plant on earth. Not only do they have a wide range of beneficial properties for the body and mind, but they also give plants their unique tastes and smells. Lemons smell the way they do because they’re rich in a terpene called limonene, for example. Different types of hemp plants have their own sets of terpenes, and scientists are still learning about these compounds’ unique benefits.
  • Flavonoids – Like the name suggests, flavonoids also help give hemp plants their flavour (and their scent). These compounds are less common than cannabinoids and terpenes, and scientists still have a lot of questions about their potential. Early research, though, suggests they could have a lot to offer.
  • Fatty acids – You might remember these from those fish oil capsules that became popular years ago. The most common fatty acids are omega-3 and omega-6, and hemp plants have a rich supply of both. Fatty acids are prized due to their ability to improve the skin, strengthen hair, and deliver many other health-boosting properties.

Now, remember how we said that different types of cannabis oil contain unique combinations of these compounds? Here’s a quick explanation of the three types of cannabis oils:

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Oil

This type of cannabis oil contains the full array of compounds found in natural hemp extract—including trace amounts of THC. Scientists believe this could boost the properties of other compounds due to a phenomenon called ‘the entourage effect.’ However, because the total quantity of THC is so small (less than 0.2 percent), full spectrum cannabis oil won’t get you high.

Broad-Spectrum Cannabis Oil

This variety contains everything that full spectrum cannabis oil does, with one key exception: there’s no THC. Some people who are sensitive about coming in contact with any THC prefer broad spectrum cannabis oil because it still allows them to get terpenes, flavonoids, and other beneficial compounds without having to worry.

Cannabis Oil Isolate

Sometimes called ‘pure’ cannabis oil, this type of tincture contains nothing but CBD. All the other compounds are carefully removed after extraction from the hemp plant. Some people prefer cannabis oil isolate in South Africa because of its taste, while others just want to be extra-certain they won’t accidentally get even the smallest drop of THC in their product.

Here at fourfivecbd we have some of the best cannabis oil for sale online with free delivery nationwide.

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