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CBD Capsules by fourfivecbd

CBD capsules are exactly what they sound like — a hearty dose of CBD in a small, swallowable CBD pill. George and Dom started taking these supplements themselves a few years ago, and since then, spectrum capsules have become one of their favourite ways to get their daily helping of CBD.

They’re not the only ones to see the appeal of CBD capsules. Whether you’re a professional rugby player, a dedicated gym rat, or just someone who enjoys living an active lifestyle, taking CBD in capsule form offers an easy and convenient way to give your body (and mind) that little extra edge you need to maximize your potential. And at fourfivecbd, we’ve put our own twist on these popular hemp supplements and turned them into an art form.

CBD Capsules Composition

Like any form of supplement, there’s a lot of variation when it comes to hemp capsules. Some brands like to pack theirs full of many different ingredients—the idea being that you’re bound to feel something after you take one, even if the CBD itself isn’t doing much of anything.

We prefer to keep things simple, though. Our team at fourfivecbd is made of athletes and adventurers, and people like us want to know exactly what they’re putting in their bodies without having to read a novel’s worth of ingredients. That’s why our CBD Capsules are made using just two simple components:

Broad Spectrum CBD

Every fourfivecbd CBD Capsule contains 5 mg of broad spectrum CBD. In case you haven’t heard of that last term, here’s a quick explanation—it’s CBD oil that’s had all traces of THC removed during the formulation process.

Why does that matter? Well, it’s because THC is the molecule that’s responsible for the (in)famous cannabis ‘high.’ It’s important to point out that even full spectrum CBD oil, which hasn’t had its THC removed, still won’t cause any intoxicating effects, since the levels of that particular molecule are far too low to have any noticeable impact. However, some people—especially athletes—prefer to err on the side of caution and avoid any contact with THC whatsoever.

While broad spectrum CBD doesn’t contain a speck of THC, it still has many of the other beneficial compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant. These work together with CBD to deliver a wide range of benefits. With broad spectrum CBD, you’re getting the best of both worlds: the power and versatility of a natural hemp extract supplement, plus the peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s totally THC-free.


If you’re serious about nutrition, you may have heard of inulin before. It’s a type of natural fiber produced by many plants, and it’s become a popular ingredient in a variety of nutritional supplements.

That’s because inulin is great for your digestion. It’s a soluble fiber—i.e. it dissolves in water—so once it hits your gut, it starts to break down. This not only helps prevent your body from absorbing too much cholesterol, it also helps you feel full (which is helpful if you’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth).

Inulin has other benefits for your gut, too, because it’s a probiotic. In other words: it acts like a booster for the good bacteria in your digestive system, while also helping to slow the proliferation of bad bacteria. The end result is a stronger immune system and a better ability to absorb nutrients like calcium.

The Advantages of CBD Capsules

If you’ve spent any time on the internet lately, you’ve probably noticed there are a ton of CBD products now on the market. So what makes CBD capsules such an appealing option? Here are a couple of the most common reasons people like using them:

They’re Convenient to Take Anywhere

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the gym, the office, or sitting on your sofa at home—using CBD capsules is about as easy as it gets. All you need is a glass of water (or other liquid) and the ability to open a small container. If you’ve ever taken a multivitamin, you’ll be in good shape here.

They’re Easy to Dose

Since every CBD pill contains the same amount of CBD (10 mg), you can calculate your dose without having to do any fancy maths. This is particularly useful if you’re adjusting your dosage level over a period of time.

They Provide Long-Lasting Benefits

A hemp extract capsule passes through your digestive system before they go to work. This creates an extended effect as your body breaks down the CBD molecules, slowly releasing them into your bloodstream. Many people like to use a CBD capsule when they’re looking for all-day (or all-night) relief from their symptoms.

Why Are fourfivecbd CBD Capsules Better Than the Rest?

We love a little competition at fourfivecbd — as professional sportsmen, it’s in our blood. So we’re proud to compare our CBD capsules against any other brand out there. We think you’ll find that ours are tough to beat, and here’s why:

Vegetable Capsule

We chose to use vegetable capsules for a couple of key reasons:

  • They’re all-natural – Vegetable capsules are made from 100 percent plant material, and they don’t contain any artificial preservatives. They’re colourless and flavourless, too, so they won’t leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.
  • They dissolve quickly – It takes a while for CBD capsules to pass through your gastrointestinal tract, so once they hit your stomach, you want them to start working sooner rather than later. Vegetable capsules can be broken down just as easily as any other type of vegetable.
  • They’re easy to digest – Since vegetable capsules are made from plant ingredients, your body is well-equipped to process them without too much extra effort. Plus, you don’t have to worry about an upset stomach caused by artificial additives.

Simple, All-Natural Ingredients

We know you want to focus on performing your best, not worrying about what’s in your supplements. That’s why our CBD capsules are made with just three plant-based ingredients, because why complicate things?

Tested for Purity and Potency

We source our CBD oil from the finest hemp plants, and use an eco-friendly CO2 extraction process so no harsh chemicals accidentally wind up in your capsules. Plus, each batch is tested by an independent third-party laboratory to make sure you’re getting all the CBD you paid for (and no pesticides, solvents, or other contaminants).

No Unpleasant Taste

Look, we’re all human—no matter how good something might be for our bodies, we’re probably not going to take it if it tastes awful. We get it, so we formulated our CBD capsules to go easy on your taste buds.

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

No animal products are used to create fourfivecbd’s CBD capsules—you’ve got our word on that.

CBD Capsules: A Quick FAQ

By now, we hope you have a decent understanding of how CBD capsules can help support an active lifestyle. In case you still have questions, though, here are some answers to the most common things people ask us:

Will CBD capsules get me high?

Nope! Our fourfivecbd CBD Capsules don’t contain any traces of THC, which is the compound that causes cannabis’ euphoric effects.

How many CBD capsules should I take?

There’s still no scientific consensus on the daily recommended dosage of CBD. Experts recommend starting with the lowest possible dose (i.e. one capsule) and seeing how your body feels. After you’ve given it some time, you can adjust your dose as necessary to see the results you want. We recommend taking no more than 20 mg a day.

When should I take CBD capsules?

Studies show that CBD works better when taken with fatty foods, since this helps dissolve the CBD molecules more effectively. Another thing to keep in mind: if you’re interested in CBD to help you sleep, you might want to take it in the morning or afternoon. As counter-intuitive as this sounds, studies show CBD’s sleep-promoting properties are due to its ability to help regulate your body’s sleep/wake cycle. In other words, scientists think it helps you stay more alert during the day, so you naturally feel more tired at night.

Where should I store my CBD capsules?

CBD molecules start to break down when exposed to light and heat, so it’s best to store your capsules in a cool, dark place (such as a medicine cabinet), just as you would with any other supplement.

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