CBD Products In South Africa

CBD Products in South Africa

CBD products in South Africa are getting more and more recognition among local customers. Their popularity is increasing while producers of CBD oil are working on creating new kinds of interesting products. Did you know that CBD can be used as an ingredient of dietary products, or even sweets? Here is everything you need to know about the market and what CBD products in South Africa have to offer in 2021.


Things to Consider Before Buying CBD

CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of over 100 chemical compounds that can be found in the Cannabis sativa plant. There are misconceptions concerning this component since some people confuse it with psychoactive THC (or tetrahydrocannabinol). Let us make it clear: the natural compound of CBD does not make you high, hence it is safe to use. Moreover, CBD oil sourced from Cannabis sativa possesses a wide range of healthy benefits.

With a variety of interesting CBD products in South Africa, citizens need to know the importance of a few factors. Consider these before rushing off to buy CBD products online. We have prepared the 5 most important things you should think about.


1. Aim for the highest quality

Sadly, high-quality goods mean higher prices, yet along come the most reliable effects. In South Africa, CBD products are available from a plethora of producers and distributors. You should always choose offers from trustworthy and renowned sources.


2. Set your requirements and expectancies

Find the best CBD products in South Africa, which will work for you the way you need. Thankfully, the market is currently in bloom, thus there are many new and exciting goods to choose from. Search for the ones that will meet your expectations.


3. Familiarise yourself with CBD

There are still some misunderstandings regarding the practical use of CBD oil and related products. Sort out your facts and myths on cannabidiol by reading dependable blogs and scientific research papers. To put it simply: do your homework.


4. Check if they are tested

Anyone can be out there trying to sell CBD products in South Africa. Hence, it is so important for you to check where the goods come from. Aim for natural, non-GMO, organic products. The most reliable ones should always be tested by a third-party laboratory. In fact, reputable brands should have their certificates of analysis available on their website or on request. If they do not want to send you these, then you know to be careful.


5. Be prepared for various extraction methods

Not all products are based on the same kind of CBD oil. This unique compound can be extracted based on a few different procedures. Be careful when choosing the right selection and trust only the safest extraction means. 


CBD Products in South Africa With George Kruis


CBD Products in South Africa – What Can You Buy?

In South Africa, CBD products are finally becoming more and more popular. Whether it is for chronic pain, sleeping disorders, anxiety, or depression – cannabidiol might prove a useful dietary supplement. Since there are a plethora of wonderful products on the South African market, we would like to cover the most important ones. Below, you can find your complete guide to CBD products in South Africa and what it has to offer to its citizens. Find the right goods that will meet your expectations and dive into the world of cannabidiol.



The most common and widely spread product is the all-time favorite CBD oil. Among the offers on web stores, you will find a variety of edibles, beverages, cosmetics, and other stuff that has been based on CBD oil. This ingredient is naturally extracted from Cannabis sativa and can become the main component of a plethora of useful goods.

Most importantly, your key takeaway is that the oil will not make you high. Even though it can be based on the marijuana plant, it does not possess THC (the psychoactive compound). Thus, it affects the human body without the negative effects of dizziness, anxiety, or unprecedented euphoria.

When it comes to CBD oil in South Africa, there is a vast array of combinations that come together to create the perfect product. Different kinds of oils can have a different set of ingredients, including cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Take into consideration that you might come across two sorts of oils – one containing traces of THC, the other free of it.

A THC-free CBD oil is one of the most unique products, especially for athletes. Since it does not possess any traces of the psychoactive THC compound, there is no need to worry during a drug test.

Even if other CBD oils have some traces of THC, the amount is really small and does not exceed 0,2%. Thus, a classic CBD oil is safe to use and does not cause psychoactive effects some users may worry about.


CBD Capsules

Normally, the beloved CBD oil can come in liquid or spray form. Since there are users disliking the natural flavor of the oil, you can find convenient CBD capsules (no longer available) on the market. The most renowned companies enclose the perfect dosage of cannabidiol within an easy-to-swallow capsule. Flushing it down with a sip of water is enough to start the compounds doing their work.

High-quality CBD capsules should use broad-spectrum cannabidiol. What does it mean? In the broad spectrum kind, all traces of THC are removed in the preparation process. Thus, what you receive is a pure and healthy dose within a convenient capsule. Indeed it is a great and comfy way to start supplementing CBD in your day-to-day diet.


CBD Topicals

Cannabidiol can enter the human body orally to work miracles from the inside. However, scientists have also worked out ways in which CBD can prove useful when applied to the skin. That is why, among all the CBD products in South Africa, you can find a wide range of topicals and cosmetics.

Take, for example, a CBD muscle rub – an amazing product that can be rubbed directly on the human skin. Since cannabidiol shows painkilling properties, it can be seen as a useful muscle pain relief substance. Thanks to an isolated CBD extract, such balms are widely popular among athletes and active sportspeople.


CBD Beauty Products

We have already mentioned cosmetics, however, the list of CBD beauty products goes on. Topical creams are definitely one of the most important products, yet the market is full of other cosmetics, too.

From body lotions to moisturizers, to serums. The Cannabis sativa extract has already become a common ingredient for all sorts of creams, balms, and lotions. CBD’s refreshing properties make all these beauty products an incredible choice.


CBD Edibles and Sweets

Why not give your CBD extract a little twist and mix it with nice and sweet flavors? Right now there are a plethora of outstanding edibles containing cannabidiol that are available on the market. Among the best CBD products in South Africa can find gummies, lollipops, cookies, chocolate, and much more.

The market for edibles is still developing and getting more recognition among South Africans. Hopefully, we will see more CBD sweets among the online shops in the near future. After all, it can be a healthy and interesting alternative to your typical candy.


CBD Products for Pets

Not just people can rely on the many amazing benefits of CBD oil. Have you ever come across cannabidiol-based products designed for pets? Well, there are actually many interesting products on the market, which can be useful for your cats and dogs. These substances can be used to support your fluffy friends when they are in pain, anxious, or have trouble sleeping.

One of the most popular ways to introduce your pets to CBD is through oil drops. You can place them directly on your pet’s tongue – just a few drops every day should do the trick. If you are training your dog and looking for ways to reward it, CBD treats are a good alternative. Take care of the well-being of your pet with the use of high-quality cannabidiol products.


CBD Vapes

Last but not least, there is a safer alternative for all smokers out there. If vaping is your thing, then you might enjoy a wide variety of vape pens using CBD. Blended with other ingredients and tasty infusers, these vape articles provide one-of-a-kind experiences. Nonetheless, there are healthier ways to introduce yourself to cannabidiol – see our list of CBD products above.



CBD Products in South Africa – Recap

Now you know all the main categories of CBD products in South Africa that residents can find on the market. We hope you can use our little guide to cannabidiol goods and find the right items to fit your needs. 

Whether it is pure CBD oil, capsules, topicals, beauty products, or edibles – aim for the highest quality. Check if the ingredients have been independently tested by a third-party lab. Get to know Cannabis sativa and cannabidiol better to understand what you can expect from them. 

Happy shopping and enjoy your CBD products, South Africa!


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