CBD Oil Prices – Everything You Need to Know

CBD Oil Prices

CBD is an abbreviation that has recently become one of the most frequently decoded on the Internet. It concerns South Africa, too. Due to its constantly increasing popularity, there is a constant rise in demand for products based on this cannabinoid substance. In the following article, we would like to answer a few of the most common questions surrounding CBD oil prices and other concerns. Hopefully, our little article will resolve any myths regarding this substance. Is it really worth its price? Let us find out.

What Is CBD Oil?

First of all, let us start with a short description of that CBD oil is. This abbreviation stands for cannabidiol, i.e. an organic compound from the group of cannabinoids. It can be found in high concentrations in Cannabis sativa, an annual herb indigenous to Eastern Asia. Most often, this compound is a product of CO2 extraction, and then it is dissolved in hemp oil.

How much does it have in common with marijuana? Not much, really. It is actually THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for relaxation, painkilling, and appetite stimulation properties. THC is yet another cannabinoid that we can find in cannabis. Unlike this compound, CBD does not exhibit any psychoactive properties. Therefore, CBD oil is legal in most countries around the world.

CBD oil prices may seem high but it actually has a wide spectrum of positive activity on the human body. People can use it to support antioxidation, stimulate the nervous system, help regenerate damaged cells, or improve immunity. Its benefits are literally countless…

How Are CBD Oil Prices Determined?

We all know that CBD oil prices in South Africa are not specifically low. From sourcing the chemical compound to the production of oil to its distribution. The whole process is difficult and costly. However, the final prices of CBD oil may vary. When determining the costs, a few aspects can come into consideration.

One of the main factors of the prices of CBD oil is the quality of the product itself. How potent the oil is will surely affect the budget needed to buy it. After all, the more CBD is concentrated within the oil, the more expensive it gets. Therefore, oil containing up to 300 mg of CBD will be a lot cheaper than the most potent ones, including more than 600 mg.

Another thing is the origin of your CBD oil. Bear in mind that original foreign cannabidiol products are always more expensive. If you do not want to overpay for transport and logistics, you can always choose a local brand. There are South African CBD companies that can help you economize on your expenses.

Do not forget that high-quality products should go through third-party lab testing. The importance of such methods is significant and it can also affect the final CBD oil prices. After all, producers need to ensure the cleanest and highest quality product to satisfy customer needs. Thus, the science part behind any CBD oil price is quite a common factor.

You should also remember that not every Cannabis sativa plant is good for production. We need to underline that only the herbs with the smallest amount of THC are eligible for CBD extraction. In order to grow Cannabis sativa high in CBD, companies must possess special licenses and permissions. Does it affect the final price of cannabis oil? Of course, it does.

Average Prices For CBD Oil

When it comes to CBD oil, you can find a wide range of products out there. The current market is full of oils that have various concentrations of cannabidiol itself. People who want to use CBD oil for pain relief, relaxation, or better sleep, need to prepare themselves for quite the expenses. At first, it might be perceived as a major drawback, yet CBD oil prices are a result of a pricey and complicated production process.

Dosing CBD is something you can limit to specific amounts. Naturally, you do not have to use a lot of the oil at once. Therefore, when it comes to calculating the costs of CBD oil, it is best to count their price per mg. That is, per one milligram.

Here is a quick mathematical formula to help you count your cost efficiency for CBD oil:

  • Oil’s price ÷ CBD mg in total = price per mg

Easy does it, right? Now, as far as South Africa is concerned, your price per mg typically varies from R1 to R3. With that being said, you should bear one thing in mind. The more CBD such oil actually contains, the lower the final price per mg gets. Do not take our word for granted, check the current CBD oil prices yourself:

Other Products Beside CBD Oil Prices

Apart from CBD oil, there is a wide range of other amazing products containing this miraculous chemical compound. You can take advantage of all the health benefits Cannabis sativa possesses. Among the most popular products, besides oils, we should also mention CBD capsules and CBD topicals. Numerous advantages of using such products are one thing but what prices can you expect in South Africa?

CBD Capsules Prices – How Much Do They Cost?

CBD is an astonishing and convenient alternative to your classic favorite CBD oil. With prices ranging in South Africa from R1 to R3 per mg, this substitute product is an amazing dietary supplement. There is not a single more comfortable way to use Cannabis sativa and its benefits than in the form of a capsule. Especially, if the small container is plant-based instead of a soft gelatin one. A broad-spectrum hemp cannabis extract hidden within each capsule provides the perfect daily dosage.

CBD Topical Prices – How Much Can It Cost?

CBD has also found its use as a valuable ingredient for the cosmetics industry. The market is flourishing with products like CBD balms, topicals, or lotions. Definite prices for CBD topicals can vary regarding the final composition of the substance. Thus, the price range for high absorption products is between R5 and R12. However, cheaper topicals containing satisfactory levels of CBS are also available. If you want to support muscle and joint relief, you can always try saving some money.

Conclusion: Look Out For Cost-Efficient CBD Oil Prices!

Nothing should hold you back if you want to take advantage of the outstanding profits CBD oil has. Since these one-of-a-kind products are legal throughout South Africa, we encourage you to give them a try. The CBD oil we sell meets all the legislation requirements in the country, so we are happy to share this natural health supplement with you.

We understand that CBD oil prices might be a bit too much for some of you. However, you should remember the countless benefits Cannabis sativa provides. With that in mind, keep an eye out for discounts and coupons. There are ways to save a dime on your next CBD oil order. For example, if you sign up for our newsletter, we will give you a fantastic 15% off your next order. Are you in for a CBD treat?

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