CBD Oil in South Africa

CBD Oil in South Africa

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CBD oil in South Africa is becoming wildly popular, here’s everything you need to know about CBD oil in South Africa.

In 2019, South Africa became one of the first African countries to take its place in the green arena. Whether this is thanks to the cannabinoid's potential to help promote and support wellness or whether it is because of the vast business and economic opportunity legalisation offers, it's up for speculation. 

Thanks to immense interest in the various applications the plant has to offer, South Africa looks set to make the most of this green goldmine. 

History of Cannabis and CBD

CBD as an isolated cannabinoid may be a relatively recent discovery, but there are records of both industrial and medicinal use dating back eons. The first use of medicinal marijuana even predates Judas’s betrayal, and yes, even predates the rise of the Romans. The Chinese Emperor, Sheng Nung, used cannabis as a medicinal tea back in 2737 BC. Records hint that the emperor used his marijuana infusion to treat quite a few different ailments, including gout, malaria, rheumatism, and even memory loss. 

Hemp and cannabis continued to be valued plants, both as an industrial material and as a medicine, for millennia. It was only in the early 1900s that the intelligent folks in the USA decided to make the plant illegal. Since then, it became vilified as the gateway drug, and studies on the plant were almost non-existent. However, there has been some redemption as more studies were done on the plant and researchers discovered that while THC is psychoactive, there is more to this plant than THC. Thankfully, the wave of legalisation has opened up the doors of opportunity for not only businesses but for researchers to tap into the vast potential that this humble plant has to offer.

Why is CBD Oil in South Africa so popular?

CBD has exploded onto the natural health and wellness scene in the past couple of decades. Why is it? CBD was only really discovered in the 90s when researchers began to delve into the endocannabinoid system in both humans and animals. This ignited research and development into the cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, and the interaction between the two. Research into the extraction and refinement of these cannabinoids began as well. And today? Well, today we see a boom in all areas, and we find the industry in a spot where quality and craftsmanship are absolutely key. 

CBD Oil in South Africa: What you need to know

CBD oil in South Africa is extracted from both the leaves and the flowers of the cannabis plant. In South Africa it is used in a variety of applications. While it is a popular dietary supplement, it seems Sportsmen and women are particularly eager to benefit from this cannabinoid. It is also a popular supplement for people struggling with sleep, chronic pain, and anxiety. 

Despite seeming to be one of the most dextrous supplements in South Africa, its use for muscles, particularly for athletes, seems to stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

CBD for Muscle and Joint Health

When you work out, you know that nothing is free- there is no gain without a bit of pain. Exercise breaks down muscle tissue, and signals are sent to recover these tissues and rebuild them. This helps to build stronger, and sometimes bigger, muscles. As everyone knows, this can result in stiffness, pain, and if you push too hard, you end up with too much pain than is necessary (or bearable). CBD can speed up recovery while minimising inflammation without compromising healing and recovery

But don’t take our word for it. Check out these testimonials for yourself. 

“It’s been amazing. Helped me alot with my recovery and anxiety, I felt much more relaxed when I went to bed. And fresh the following morning for training, this week has been such a good week in terms of my training and keeping my focus during sessions. I can feel the impact.” Damian Willemse – International rugby player

Akker van der Merwe Testimonial

“It’s been amazing, I have been injured the past 2-3 months with a hipflexor tear and an ankle injury and it has really helped with my recovery. Also now in this time when everything is unknown it has helped me to have a peaceful nights sleep without having anxiety about what is going to happen. So I really love this product.” Akker van der Merwe – Springbok & Barbarian.

Jeremy Ward Testimonial

“Can’t speak highly enough of the effect its had over the first week. In terms of sleep, I’m sleeping better than I have in as long as I can remember. Waking up feeling a lot less anxious as well. Really am enjoying the products so much!” Jeremy Ward – Sharks rugby player

“To be honest with you I have taken the oil everyday since I received it. I had one really tough session where I felt deep soreness and usually struggle to sleep at night when I feel that way, but using the oil helped me sleep a lot better then I usually do. I absolutely love the product.” Janine Van Wyk – Captain South Africa Women’s football team.

Rosko Specman Testimonial

“I quite enjoy the muscle rub. Really works well on relieving stiff muscles. Used it on my calves after a running session and was back to normal the next day with minimal stiffness. I use the oil at bedtime and have had very good rest and longer deep sleep patterns according to my sleep app.” Rosko Specman – International rugby 7’s player

“Really enjoying it. Recovery has definitely increased, it’s helping loads” Aiden Markram - Proteas international cricket player

“I’m still using the spray every night and my sleep has been a treat” - Trevor Lagerway 21+ international men’s health covers

“Its been so unreal to actually experience an improvement in my sleep and therefore waking up feeling so fresh and ready to get up and go! Such an awesome product.” James Venter - Sharks rugby player

CBD Oil in Africa

If you are sitting in a different African country, it's best to avoid buying CBD oil online- no matter how tempting it might be. CBD is illegal in most African countries except for Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Swaziland (all three are considered CBD-friendly), and South Africa. While it might reside in a grey area in other countries, it's better to hang on and wait for the product to reach legal status. And don’t worry, this will likely happen. 

Is CBD Oil in South Africa Legal?

South Africa was the first African country to legalise CBD oil. If we look at the African continent, we see some of the strictest cannabis laws in the world. 

Despite this, South Africa has been progressive with its stance on cannabis and CBD, the cannabinoid that has taken center stage in recent years. While CBD has yet to enjoy the spotlight in the rest of Africa (save for a handful of countries), it has begun paving the way for a green future in South Africa. 

However, the cannabinoid does enjoy only a margin of attention compared to the rest of the world. This could be pinned on South Africa’s liberal stance on recreational marijuana use in the country, which garners plenty of attention from the public.

In May 2019, African history was made when CBD was recognised as a harmless substance and was subsequently removed from the list of harmful ingredients. This essentially removed illegalities (with some restrictions) and shot it straight to budding stardom status. What we are witnessing now is a green marketplace overflowing with opportunities for both business and health. 

So, what makes a CBD product legal in South Africa?

But before a CBD product is considered legal in the rainbow nation, there are several criteria it should fall into:

  • Hemp supplements need to contain a max daily dose of 20 mg CBD. If the CBD product is produced from other types of cannabis, there are strict stipulations for THC, and it should contain less than 0.2% THC
  • CBD products cannot be marketed as a treatment or cure 

Are CBD Products Psychoactive?

The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not CBD can make you high like your more traditional cannabis experience. As long as your CBD product does not contain any THC, you should be good to go. 

While CBD can interact with the body and essential functions, it does not have the blueprint for psychoactivity like its more controversial sister cannabinoid, THC. 

Does Hemp Contain THC?

Hemp products do not contain traceable THC. And no, this is not up to the manufacturer- it is up to nature. 

Hemp, by nature’s design, does not contain any THC. So, if your CBD product is sourced from hemp you can rest assured there is no THC hiding inside it. But that doesn't mean you should boycott CBD products made from other types of cannabis, it just means that you should double-check the company’s THC-free claims with their independent lab reports and their Certificate of Analysis. 

Where To Buy CBD Oil in South Africa

Do you want to buy CBD oil in South Africa? It is much easier than you realise. You could pop into your local pharmacy, head on out to an approved supermarket, and even buy CBD oil online

But before we continue buying CBD oil in South Africa, there's an elephant in the room that we need to address. We all know and love South Africa. But, we also are all too aware of the thriving illegal markets throughout any industry. There are plenty of CBD peddlers in South Africa, but not all of them are legal sellers. Sure, they may market their product at a cheaper price, but remember, “A poor man pays twice.” Buying an unregulated CBD product off the black market is dangerous. Plain and simple. And before you think “oh, it's just a plant, what could go wrong?”, you need to know that there are dangers. 

Firstly, hemp is a plant that absorbs everything from its environment, including all the good stuff as well as the more dangerous pesticides, heavy metals, and other potentially dangerous chemicals that could be lurking in the soil. Add to this the process that is needed for the cannabinoids to be extracted, and you have yourself a cocktail for potential chemicals in your CBD. This compromises your wellbeing and your health. Many potential dangers could be in unregulated CBD products. Add to this a possible heavy fine, and you can see it's just not worth it. 

Buying CBD Online

Buying CBD online in South Africa is the most convenient way to buy your CBD. Sure, many international companies ship to your doorstep, but are the exorbitant fees really worth it? And if you really think about it, supporting a locally produced CBD product not only diminishes your delivery wait but is simply the smarter option. South Africa has some of the best growing conditions and we produce hemp and cannabis that is the green envy of the rest of the world. 

But despite all this, there are even more reasons to shop online in South Africa. The downside to importing CBD oil is that South Africa's legal THC limits are different, so you could run the risk of violating laws. But, let’s focus on the positives. Here’s why you should buy your CBD online today:

  • The market may be relatively new, but you are spoilt for choice. You can shop around, read reviews, and select your favourite product. 
  • Fourfivecbd offers free and fast shipping. Ordering from a different company might mean you pay for shipping that takes its sweet time to arrive on your doorstep. 
  • Shopping online for anything is safer during Covid. There are many pros to online shopping in the modern age. Luckily for us, there are plenty of reliable online reviews that give honest reviews of the brands and the products on offer. 
  • Sending CBD oil as a gift? Order CBD oil online and send it via free and fast shipping- it is your most convenient option. 
  • Want to get the best bang for your buck? Buy directly from our store to score the best deals. What’s more, you get safety guarantee knowing you’re purchasing straight from us. Need any help with choosing CBD? When you buy from us directly you can connect with our team and we can help. 

Buying CBD in Store

Sure, the old-school brick-and-mortar style of shopping has its appeal, but for convenience's sake, it just does not compare to shopping online. When you shop online, you can shop at your leisure. No pushy salesperson is wanting a sale, and there is no pressure to complete your order. You can take your time, read all the reviews you can find, and even find special offers on CBD online. 

Identifying Quality CBD oil 

Whether you shop for CBD in-store or online, none of it matters if you're unsure how to identify a quality CBD oil or CBD product. 

Here’s what you need to know about CBD products and how to know what a quality CBD product is. 

To kick this off, we need to focus on what we think is the most important thing to look for when deciphering quality CBD oil. The COA (or certificate of analysis) is perhaps the most important thing to check. 

What is a COA?

The COA is a certificate granted after the product has been tested for cannabinoid content and possible harmful contaminants. If the product does not have a COA or says that it has one but makes it obscure and difficult to find, then put it back on the shelf. If they can't be bothered to guarantee your safety, then you shouldn't bother considering their product. 

Other things to look out for:

  • Extraction Method

Supercritical CO2 extraction is one of the industry standards for quality

  • Sourced from local Organic Hemp or cannabis
  • Legality


CBD has boomed across the world, and the green rush is here in the rainbow nation too. South Africa has some of the world’s best hemp and cannabis. But, where there is a budding opportunity there will be budding dangers too. Always purchase your CBD oil in South Africa from a reputable source to guarantee your safety. Here at Fourfivecbd, we have a plethora of positive reviews and can back up their products' safety, quality and efficiency.

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