CBD Extract – How It Is Made, What Are Its Benefits

CBD Extract

When it comes to CBD oil, you can often come across the term CBD extract. To some extent, such nomenclature may be confusing. That is why in the following article we want to summarize all our knowledge about CBD extract. You will find all the necessary information on how it is made and how it is connected to CBD oil. We will present the best health benefits that come from using the extract.

Where Does CBD Come From?

First of all, let us clear one thing out. CBD is not the same as THC. CBD, or cannabidiol, does not possess the same psychoactive properties that characterize THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. What is the common feature, though, is that both these chemical compounds come from the very same plants. The cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa in Latin) can be separated into two distinct kinds. On one hand, we have the marijuana and on the other – the hemp plant. What is the basic difference between the two?

  • Marijuana – contains CBD and more than 0.2% THC. The more THC there is, the more psychoactive the plants become.
  • Hemp – also contains CBD but has only minimal amounts of THC (less than 0.2%). There is even an amazing hemp oil that is free of THC (true 0%). Check it out here!

It is important to distinguish the difference between marijuana and hemp for the sake of legality in many countries around the world. While ganja is still banned in most states, hemp is slowly getting attention and recognition among governments. Thus, it becomes a vital ingredient in a wide range of useful commercial and industrial products. These include ropes, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, and biofuel. Last but not least – hemp is the organic source of CBD.

Having that said, another question arises. How is it possible to obtain that chemical compound from the plant itself? Let us dig into the fascinating process of CBD extraction.

How Is CBD Extract Made?

There is not one but a few captivating methods to extract CBD from hemp plants. The concentrated form that can be achieved thanks to extraction is then used as a base for CBD oil. Right after the extraction process finishes, the CBD extract requires specific distillation. Thanks to that process the pure ingredient can be condensed in an oil form.

The perfect CBD extraction methods should be sustainable and eco-friendly. With the highest quality in mind, we would like to emphasize the following ways to extract CBD from hemp plants:

1.     CO2-Based Extraction

Let us start with the most demanding and expensive method to receive a pure and high-quality CBD extract. CO2-based extraction requires professional and sophisticated technology and a set of skills. This process uses safe solvents to provide the least contaminated product.

To put it simply, CO2-based extraction uses compressed carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract CBD along with other phytochemicals. Carbon dioxide works as a solvent at certain temperatures and pressures, thus posing no danger. Special equipment freezes the gas and compresses it to a supercritical state, showing properties halfway between gas and liquid state. It can fill any container (like gas) while maintaining density (like liquid). When CO2 is in a supercritical state, it is ideal for chemical extraction. It does not cause denaturation or damage that would render the CBD extract unfit for human consumption.

Obtaining CBD oil from a CO2-based extraction gives us a full spectrum of cannabinoid-rich products with many health benefits. The oil is clear and amber in colour, it is more qualitative than the liquid obtained by other techniques. CO2 is safe and effective, it has been used for many years as an extraction solvent by food companies. For example, it removes caffeine from coffee and can be a solvent in the production of essential oils. Yet another advantage of this method is the purity of the end product. CO2 minimizes the risk of contamination within the CBD extract, making it a lot better to use.

Any disadvantages? Well, the price of the process, for starters. This method is only fully successful with extremely expensive equipment. Technical knowledge and preparation are also essential, as CO2-based extraction is not something that an amateur chemist should try.

At Fourfivecbd, we believe in selecting the very best processes to provide superior quality CBD customers to all the active! It is for this reason, we use CO2 extracting for all our raw CBD for the full Fourfivecbd product range. So head through to our range and grad which ever product you prefer with the assurance it was made using only the highest quality processes and ingredients.

2.     Solvent Application

Ethanol, weak alcohol, and butane are some of the most common substances in solvent extraction. This method proves successful, yet it can be very dangerous since these solvents are flammable. Ethanol, for that matter, extracts a whole range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. Thus, the end product is safe for consumption.

On the other hand, it also extracts chlorophyll, which can cause unpleasant side effects. Filtration can remove the chlorophyll but it also weakens the CBD extract’s properties. The problem with butane usage is that it can irritate the lungs, even though the CBD oil itself has more potency.

Among the advantages of solvent extraction is the simplicity of the whole process. However, it does not provide the safest results because solvents are likely to damage the valuable resins within the plants.

3.     Steam-Based Extraction

Lest we forget steam-based CBD extraction techniques which help separate CBD from the rest of the compounds. When the process starts, they place the hemp inside a glass container attached to two more glass flasks. One contains boiling other, the other one is empty and used for condensation. When the steam rises and works on the plant, CBD extract evaporates and separates from the hemp. The chemical compound travels to the third tube where scientists condense it into oil and water.

Steam extraction is one of the oldest and most popular methods to extract CBD and other chemical compounds, too. However, many companies nowadays turn to alternative extraction methods. Using steam proves to be ineffective because it requires a lot of hemps to produce a relatively scarce amount of pure CBD extract. There are also easier and more productive techniques that are safe for people. Using steam can damage the chemical compound, changing the properties of the CBD oil.

The Many Benefits of CBD Extract

Now that we know where the CBD extract comes from, it is time to dig into its many potential health benefits. We focus on 5 of the most captivating profits that can prove to be useful in our lives.

1.     Relieves Pain

People often suffer from severe headaches, stomachaches, and other organ pains. CBD extract has proven to help reduce pain in many cases. These organic products also eliminate inflammations. Women who experience symptoms related to menopause find that CBD helps them get through this time. Take away the pain with a useful dose of CBD oil.

2.     Reduces Anxiety and Depression

It is extremely important for many people that CBD can reduce mental health problems. Of course, a lot depends primarily on how advanced the disease is and whether the patient also subdues to pharmacology or therapy. Doctors recommend taking CBD oil in the form of capsules when struggling with depression or anxiety.

3.     Helps Against Insomnia

People with sleep deprivation problems look for different solutions. More and more decide to buy CBD oil. Insomnia can have various causes, so it is difficult to say whether it is enough to take a CBD extract regularly to get over this ailment. However, it certainly will not hurt to try this solution, which has already helped so many people.

4.     Supports Quitting Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking kills, but still many people are unable to quit this addiction. According to recent studies, it is possible to gradually quit smoking with the help of CBD. There are special inhalers for smokers to help them stop reaching out for cigarettes.

5.     Proves Useful For Dogs

Consult giving a CBD extract to your dog with your vet, bearing in mind that it is a product gaining popularity in animal studies. Cannabidiol can prove to be a useful painkiller replacement. In many cases, CBD is safe to use and does not cause any side effects.

Benefit from CBD extract today, do not hesitate! And if you are completely new to CBD, check out our Beginner’s Guide!

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